Innovations in Optics Expands Market Reach with New Distributor Partnership

Press release submitted on behalf of Innovations in Optics. 

Innovations in Optics, Inc. [IOI], Woburn, Massachusetts, a leading provider of cutting-edge optical solutions, is delighted to announce HTL India as a new distributor. Established in 1994, HTL India has been a steadfast presence in the technology landscape, with a focus on innovation and customer value.

HTL India’s success is rooted in a commitment to understanding customer requirements and forming partnerships with companies that provide tailored solutions. With a strategic presence in Bangalore and Kolkata, HTL India has enhanced its capabilities by opening software development centers. This expansion is a testament to HTL India’s dedication to scaling operations, sourcing talent, and fostering long-term relationships.

“We are thrilled about the collaborative journey with HTL India,” said John Peffer, Director of Sales and Marketing at IOI. “Their focus on core technology, innovative solutions, and customer success aligns perfectly with our values.”

HTL India’s track record of delivering high-quality software and hardware sales & services underscores their commitment to meeting customer requirements promptly. The partnership between IOI and HTL India aims to provide solutions through continuous improvement in processes and the incorporation of industry-leading technology.

Founded in 1993 and located near Boston, Innovations in Optics, Inc. offers high power LED light sources for science and industry that provide maximum photon delivery, illumination uniformity, and stable optical power. With over 70 international and U.S. patents, IOI products offer system-level advantages over lasers and arc lamps in OEM equipment for many applications. Available LED wavelengths range from the UV through the NIR, including broadband white and multispectral options. IOI light engines are used as excitation sources in fluorescent imaging for life science applications, and they support photomask exposure, direct image writing, 3D printing, and photocuring. Extreme brightness LED projectors enable 3D machine vision. Fiber-coupled light engines provide superior light delivery for industrial borescopes, medical endoscopes, microscopes, and UV spot curing.