Penn Color Launches Portfolio of Dispersions

Hatfield, Pennsylvania-based Penn Color Inc. has announced the launch of its Astrad™ portfolio of dispersions. With its broad range of applications, this portfolio demonstrates Penn Color’s commitment to providing solutions for the coatings industry.

Astrad™ is the new product portfolio of water-based, solvent-based and UV dispersions, which includes several different series:

  • Astrad-UV is available in 100% solids in a variety of monomer systems. Astrad-UV is a sustainable solution, offering low energy curing, wide compatibility and various degrees of functionality to ensure optimal performance.
  • Astrad-IS is available as a broadly compatible acrylic resin system, with high pigment loading and optimal rheological properties. Astrad-IS is exceptional for universal tinting of solvent based industrial coatings.
  • Astrad-AUTO is available in a wide variety of single pigment dispersions covering the spectrum of automotive grade colors, with high chroma and crystal-clear transparency. Astrad-AUTO provides the highest level of flexibility for the paint formulators, with both solvent and water-borne dispersions. Astrad-AUTO can be used in basecoats and mid-coats for dynamic color effects.

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