RadTech Announces New President, President-Elect and Board Members

RadTech, the Association for Ultraviolet and Electron Beam Technologies (UV+EB), is pleased to announce that Michael Gould, Rahn USA Corporation, has assumed the group’s presidency for a two-year term that started January 2023.

Mike Bonner, Saint Clair Systems, Inc., has been elected as the incoming RadTech president to assume office in 2025. In addition, newly elected RadTech Board members include David Biro, Sun Chemical; David Engberg, Perstorp; and Sudhakar Madhusoodhanan, Applied Materials.

The RadTech nominating committee of Eileen Weber, allnex; Jennifer Heathcote, GEW; and Jim Raymont, EIT, wishes to thank board members who have reached term limits: Susan Bailey, Michelman, now becomes the immediate past president; and rotating off the board are Jeffrey Klang, Sartomer Business Unit of Arkema Inc.; Helen Rallis, Sun Chemical; and Jim Raymont, EIT.

Continuing RadTech board members include Paul Elias, Miwon NA; Evan Benbow, Nazdar; Neil Cramer, Sartomer; Jonathan Graunke, INX Intl.; Jennifer Heathcote, GEW; Eric Nelson, 3M; Jake Staples, Wausau Coated Products, Karl Swanson, PCT Ebeam and Integration; and David Walker, CEO & Founder Prismatic Manufacturing, Co-Founder Azul 3D, Inc and Executive Chair of the NIST/RadTech Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing Alliance (PAMA).

To learn more, visit https://radtech.org/.