Sustainable Print Finishing in Digital Printing

Press release submitted on behalf of GEPA. 

GEPA Coating Solutions GmbH, Gilching, Germany, is a coating technology expert, from effect to functional varnishes. Print shops and printing machine manufacturers rely on the company’s individual solutions not only in digital printing.

Coating and finishing of printed products has always played a significant role in the graphic arts industry. The demand and variety of printing and coating applications is constantly increasing and at the same time becoming significantly more complex. On the one hand, it is about differentiating printed products through certain coating effects such as glossy or matt coatings, soft touch, or metal pigment coatings. On the other hand, it is about functional purposes such as protective coatings to prevent paint abrasion or scratches, but also other functional coatings such as blister coatings for bonding packages, UV light protection or the application of primers.

Unlike conventional printing processes, such as offset printing, the implementation of finishing applications in digital printing is significantly more complex. This is mainly due to the variety of different printing processes. If there is a lack of experience in the conception and later in the implementation, the project becomes even more difficult.

GEPA Coating Solutions GmbH, a member of the Hönle Group, can provide a remedy here. Gerhard Palinkas, founder and managing director of the company, has been passionate about the topic for more than 25 years: “My team and I have been finding individual solutions for coating and finishing of printed products with great passion and know-how for a long time. We know the market and its needs and have our finger on the pulse. Our drive is to always work with the customer to get the best out of their printing application.” To achieve this, GEPA develops, manufactures, and distributes coating machines, components, and accessories for a wide range of areas of printing products, including packaging, photo books, calendars, postcards, and greeting cards as well as games, brochures, plastic cards and much more.

A typical case is a packaging printer that supplements its previously conventional printing processes with digital printing machines to advance their realization of short runs. Now there are often problems with ink abrasion when it comes to shipping digitally printed packages, as digital printing machines usually do not contain inline coating units. This is where a GEPA in-line or offline coating machine comes into play, which can be used to apply a wide variety of coatings and primers. These can be all kinds of UV or water-based varnishes. In addition to abrasion and scratch protection, these coatings also have the side effect of creating a smoother, more homogeneous surface.

The customer base of the coating experts is diverse, ranging from printing companies to manufacturers of printing machines, both in the conventional and digital graphic sectors. “We are where we are needed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about retrofitting existing systems or designing new systems,” emphasizes Palinkas. Together with his team, he would like to be a contact point for everyone who is looking for advice and professional implementation in the broad field of finishing.

About GEPA: GEPA Coating Solutions GmbH is an association of various experts. The company, which has been part of the Hönle Group since 2019, generates products, services and solutions for coating and finishing applications in the graphic arts industry to increase added value in printing companies. GEPA offers customized solutions for new equipment as well as for retrofits on existing machinery, including service and maintenance.