Webinar: Application of AI in the UV/EB Industry

RadTech is excited to announce a webinar in the group’s BIG IDEAS Webinar Series on the Application of AI in the UV/EB Industry: Opportunities and Considerations.

Scheduled for 11-11:45 a.m. Central time on Wednesday, June 13, the webinar will feature Jonathan Welch, head of data science at Albert Invent, will guide attendees through a comprehensive discussion on the potential of AI within our industry, particularly in chemistry and materials science.

By attending this webinar, viewers will gain valuable insights into:

  • The relevance of AI in formulary chemistry and materials
  • Practical applications of AI in the lab, including benefits and key considerations
  • Understanding the role of Machine Learning (ML) within the broader context of AI
  • Real-world experiences and addressing concerns regarding data reliability and technology adoption

Register for the webinar at https://radtech.org/blog/2023/05/04/big-ideas-webinar-series/.