Excelitas Technologies Introduces OmniCure LS200 UV LED Radiometry and Calibration System

Press release submitted on behalf of Excelitas Technologies Corp.,

Excelitas Technologies Corp., Waltham, Massachusetts, a leading industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions, announced the launch of its OmniCure® LS200 UV LED Radiometry and Calibration System for the precise measurement and calibration in UV LED spot curing processes. An enhanced version of its LS100 predecessor, the LS200 brings a new level of versatility and extended measurement range to UV curing applications across industries including electronics assembly, medical device, automotive, defense/aerospace and more.

Features of the LS200 include:

• Accurate Measurement and Calibration: Consistent and reliable management of OmniCure UV LED curing system light output accuracy to assure compliance with manufacturing process requirements. The LS200 sensor calibration is NRC traceable to provide additional assurance of accuracy.
• Control and Repeatability: Combine the OmniCure Beam Positioning Kit and LX500 controller to provide unmatched control and repeatability of output measurement, and boost productivity and final-product quality.
• Wider Measurement Range: LS200 now measures optical power across a wider measurement range (1 mW to 2000 mW power, or 50mW/ cm² to 40 W/ cm² irradiance)* to enhance support of applications with higher power requirements.
• *Multiple Measurement Options: Users can choose between two LS200 models to perform either irradiance measurements (W/cm²) or optical power measurements (W) based on application needs.
• Backward Compatibility: The LS200 is backward compatible with the LS100 and seamlessly integrates into existing OmniCure configurations, allowing users to upgrade without major changes to existing measurement protocols.

“Manufacturers across various industries, including electronics, medical devices and other assembly applications, require precise control of UV curing processes to ensure consistent and high-quality results,” said Mike Kay, Director Product Management at Excelitas. “With its expanded measurement range and NRC traceable sensor calibration, the OmniCure LS200 enhances overall UV curing system efficiency and helps to minimize defects, reduce rework, and meet exacting quality standards.”

To simplify the setup process and ensure users have all the required tools for accurate measurement and calibration in one package, the OmniCure LS200 also offers complete calibration kits. The kits include necessary components such as Light Sensors, Light Meter Display LM2011 for spot checks, and the Beam Positioning Kit for precise alignment of LED Heads for accurate measurement.

Excelitas will display the OmniCure LS200 UV LED Radiometry and Calibration System from February 6 – 8, 2024 at MD&M West Booth # 2255 in Anaheim, CA. For additional information, visit: https://www.excelitas.com/product/omnicure-ls200-uv-led-radiometry-and-calibration-system.