GROB’s Machinery for EV Motor Assembly Solution Leverages DELO’s Dual-Curing Adhesives

Press release submitted on behalf of GROB.

GROB, Sudbury, Massachusetts, an automated systems manufacturer, has had a long-standing devotion to electric mobility, being wholly invested in the sector over the last eight years. As such, they serve automotive clients looking to enter the EV manufacturing space on a worldwide scale, with 6 plants, over 8,000 employees, and revenues of nearly €2 billion.

In its continued efforts to become a trusted supplier in electric vehicle (EV) powertrain manufacturing, GROB’s PM compact rotor assembly line was specifically designed with DELO’s dual-curing process in mind, creating a turnkey manufacturing solution for automakers and Tier 1 suppliers.

That level of reach befits DELO Industrial Adhesives, a company whose adhesives can be found in approximately 50 percent of cars on the road globally, serving clients like Mercedes-Benz, Continental, ZF, and Bosch. When used in EV motor manufacturing, DELO adhesives create a more streamlined process, with DELO DUALBOND’s dual-curing properties doing this even more so.

GROB machinery consists of multiple stations and handles multiple process steps, including dispensing, magnet insertion, light-fixation, heat curing, shaft fitting, cooling, ball bearing fitting, balancing, as well as magnetizing. Their newest systems for rotor assembly have implemented the DELOLUX series of curing lamps for the light fixation of DELO’s dual-curing adhesives. This presents a turnkey solution that saves end users from having to cross-shop between two different suppliers.

This machinery is designed to work as efficiently as possible, optimized for minimal adhesive use by dispensing as little as 35 mg of product on only one side of the slot. This works in tandem with the high strength of the adhesive, enabled by a dual-curing process in which light fixation prevents the need for rotor stacks to be sealed during heat curing. The efficiency of this assembly setup continues with quick induction pre-heating, saving the rotor time in the curing oven. The machine is also compact in size, thus easily integrated into most production lines, all while still being able to process rotors up to 150 mm in diameter.

Although designed to be integrated with minimal modifications, adjustments can still be made if necessary to the application. This and other previously mentioned characteristics make this setup, says DELO product manager Roman Schilcher, “perfect for flexible production with different motors.”

Specialists from both DELO (booth 12D23) and GROB (booth 12B10-C11) will be there to demonstrate this process at the upcoming CWIEME exhibition, the world’s largest electric motor manufacturing event, occurring in May 14–16, 2024 in Berlin. They will also present this topic in a webinar to be held on May 29 at two different time slots, 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. CET. For more information, visit

About DELO Industrial Adhesives
DELO is a leading manufacturer of high-tech adhesives and other multifunctional materials as well as adhesive dispensing and curing technology. Its products are mainly used in the automotive, consumer electronics, and semiconductor industries. They can be found in almost every mobile phone and in most cars worldwide, for example in cameras, loudspeakers, electric motors, or sensors. Customers include Bosch, Huawei, Mercedes-Benz, Osram, Siemens, and Sony. 

About GROB Italy
To enhance its many years of research and development work on electro-mobility, in 2017 GROB bought out DMG meccanica – Italy’s leading manufacturer of machines and systems for producing electric motor and generator stators. The production plant, which changed its name to GROB Italy S.r.l. in 2018, has extensive knowledge of electromobility, and also service and sales expertise in the universal machining center and machining technology divisions.