IOI Expands Business Footprint in Japan and South Korea

Press release submitted on behalf of Innovations in Optics.

Innovations in Optics, Inc. (IOI), Woburn, Massachusetts, announced the successful culmination of its recent business trip to Japan and South Korea. During the visit, IOI’s Director of Sales & Marketing, John Peffer, solidified pivotal partnerships, explored emerging market opportunities, and showcased IOI’s innovative products at prominent industry events.

At the Optical Photonics and Electromagnetic Exhibition 2024 (OPIE), held in Japan, John joined forces with OptoSirius, one of IOI’s new distributors. Together, they engaged with industry leaders, exchanged insights, and laid the groundwork for collaborative ventures.
While in Japan, John also met with representatives from CCS, fostering potential business prospects. The interactions underscored IOI’s commitment to expanding its global presence and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

Transitioning to South Korea, John paid a visit to OMA. OMA expressed eagerness to represent IOI’s product line and the visit to their facilities reaffirmed IOI’s confidence in its distribution network and highlighted the immense market potential in the region.
In Daejeon, South Korea, the trip concluded with a meeting at UnioTech, another valued distributor. John identified promising opportunities in South Korea’s vibrant R&D landscape and received very positive feedback on IOI’s products.

“We are thrilled by the positive reception and the opportunities that emerged from our visit to Japan and South Korea,” said Thomas Brukilacchio, President and CEO of IOI. “These partnerships show our commitment to delivering cutting-edge LED solutions globally. We look forward to further collaboration and expansion in these dynamic markets.”
With successful engagements at OPIE and fruitful meetings with key partners, IOI remains poised for continued growth and innovation in the ever-evolving LED technology landscape. For more information, visit