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Excelitas Introduces New UV LED Fiber Curing System

Excelitas Technologies® Corp., Waltham, Massachussetts, introduced its new OmniCure® AC8225-F UV LED Fiber Curing System with a custom optical design for curing fiber optic coatings. The new, air-cooled OmniCure AC8225-F is specifically designed for fiber curing applications. With advanced front-end optics, the AC8225-F system delivers 12W/cm2 peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity at a 10 to 18mm working distance for fast, even curing. Compared with traditional arc lamp systems, the OmniCure AC8225-F UV LED Fiber Curing System reduces electricity consumption by up to 60%, delivering cost savings with no compromises in line speed. With over 40,000 hours of LED lifetime and no replacement parts, maintenance costs are even further reduced. For more information, visit

Systematic Automation Inc. Launches LED Modular Curing System

Farmington, Connecticut-based Systematic Automation Inc. has introduced the Ultra LED modular UV-curing system. The unit, with 18 watts/cm2 of irradiance, provides ample power for typical UV-curable inks and adhesives. A separate liquid cooling chiller ensures long life for the LED emitters. Universal mounting of the irradiator head aims to make integration easy. For more information, visit

High-Power LED Driver Supplies Constant Drive Current

Innovations in Optics, Inc., Woburn, Massachusetts, introduces the Model 5000A-100 LED Driver/Controller for powering its patented and patent-pending High-Power LED Light Engines. The 5000A-100 LED Driver provides constant current in continuous, pulsed or pulsed width modulation (PWM) modes. An embedded system adds network control with 10/100Mbps Ethernet connectivity. The Model 5000A-100 is intended for OEM applications. Drive current in continuous mode is selectable from 7.5 to 75A at 0.6 to 5.5VDC output. The output current setting is adjustable either locally or remotely from 100% down to 10% using analog adjustment and as low as 1% with PWM. Both analog and digital remote controls are built-in. For more information, visit

Flint Group Narrow Web’s Ink Advances Sustainability

Flint Group Narrow Web, Plymouth, Minnesota, has introduced EkoCure F™ ink as a UV LED-curable flexo ink with high press performance and sustainability, capable of being used in all UV flexographic print units where the ink is cured using UV LED lamps. The inks, which are available in the full range of Pantone® basic colors as well as a 4-color process set, can be used in a variety of applications, including self-adhesive labels, cartons, tags and shrink labels. The EkoCure F ink system, which is based on sustainable and renewable raw materials, can be used at a high print speed with good dot sharpness. For more information, visit

Mark Andy Develops Advanced UV LED Curing System

Mark Andy, headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, has developed ProLED to deliver hassle-free curing for new and used narrow web presses. The ProLED system generates less heat and has fewer moving parts, so print can be cured at higher speeds for better throughput. The interchangeable design of ProLED allows lamps to be moved from station to station. Other benefits include its compactness and a bulb life of 20,000-plus hours. ProLED is available on new Mark Andy Performance Series models in widths of 10, 13 and 17 inches. The system supports speeds of up to 750 fpm. For more information, visit

Dyna-Tech Announces UV Tactile Coating

Dyna-Tech Adhesive, Inc., Grafton, West Virginia, introduced DynaCoat UV-3327, a UV-curable tactile and overprint varnish for cardboard or plastic film. DCUV-3327 provides fast cure speed, medium gloss, consistent surface mobility and scuff resistance. As a tactile coating, it adds a three-dimensional texture that resembles embossing. Offering a soft-touch quality that is unique to UV top coatings, the product adds a new dimension to labels and packaging. It can be applied via flexographic, offset gravure, roll coater or rotary screen. An electron beam (EB) curable formulation is available as well. For more information, visit

PrintConcept Presents the Latest Generation of Nitrogen Inertization

PrintConcept UV, Kohlberg, Germany, presented the latest generation of inertization systems, utilizing a flat inert chamber and precise measuring techniques to minimize the amount of photoinitiators and reduce migration, which are advantages when producing food packaging. Standard features include low migration and low nitrogen consumption with flat chamber, automatic nitrogen regulation and reduction of flow in stand-by. Nitrogen inertization systems can be retrofitted to all PrintConcept UV lamp modules. For more information, visit

Sartomer Introduces CN9030 Oligomer for Weatherable Coatings

Sartomer, Exton, Pennsylvania, has announced the release of CN9030, a new difunctional aliphatic urethane acrylate. When paired with a corrosion-resistant base coat, CN9030 can be used to provide a weatherable top coat in high-performance UV/EB-cure coating applications. This oligomer produces strong, flexible films and demonstrates adhesion to challenging substrates like metals and plastics. When tested for adhesion, CN9030 significantly outperforms typical epoxy and polyester acrylate oligomers on a variety of substrates, including aluminum, cold-rolled steel, tin-plated steel and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Its unique combination of strength and flexibility makes CN9030 ideal for coated metal used in outdoor applications, especially where resistance to yellowing and corrosion is needed. Additional applications for this oligomer include inks (lithographic, flexographic, screen and inkjet), laminating adhesives and electronics. For more information, visit

UV Green Cure Offers Portable Light Curing

UV Green Cure has created a new generation of portable light curing equipment for the flooring industry. Combining durability and simplicity, the unit’s all-metal construction weighs less than 35 pounds, allowing it to be transported by only one person. The 12-inch proprietary lamp is instant start, eliminating the need for a shutter system and reducing the number of unnecessary moving parts, weight and cost. The unit runs on 100V–240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, and the power output is adjustable. A built-in tachometer aids the operator in adjusting curing speeds to match the machine’s output power. For more information, visit

Dymax Showcases Innovative, Light-Curable Adhesive

Dymax Corporation, Torrington, Connecticut, a supplier of adhesives to the disposable medical device industry, has introduced 215-CTH-UR-SC, an LED-optimized catheter adhesive for rapid bonding of a variety of substrates, including Nylon 12 and PEBA. Formulated with Encompass™ technology that combines Dymax-exclusive See-Cure color change and Ultra-Red™ fluorescing technologies with LED-curing capabilities, 215-CTH-UR-SC provides secure bonds with the added benefits of easy cure confirmation and post-cure bond-line inspection. For additional information, visit

Allnex Offers New Bio-Preferred Polyester Acrylate

Allnex, Brussels, has added EBECRYL® 5849 resin to Allnex’s portfolio of energy-curable polyester acrylates. This new resin is plant-based, thus made mostly from biopreferred materials. EBECRYL® 5849 can be formulated for either UV LED-cured coatings or 100% sprayable formulations. It is a multi-functional polyester acrylate that provides cured films with good hardness and scratch resistance. The product shows excellent thermal and mechanical properties combined with low viscosity, high cure speed and hardness. These properties make it ideal for use in OPV’s, flexo inks and matte scratch-resistant topcoats for parquet, as well as for high-gloss pigmented 100% sprayable furniture applications. EBECRYL® 5849 can be cured either by EB, UV or UV LED light. For more information, visit

Sherwin-Williams Enters Market for OEM Prefinished Wood Flooring Coatings

Sherwin-Williams® Product Finishes, Cleveland, Ohio, announced that it will supply the North American OEM flooring market with a new line of prefinish coatings. The first product offerings include UV-curable wood flooring coating systems. The company’s floor coating systems meet or exceed key specifications for wear, scuff and scrape resistance, with systems for residential and commercial applications. These include ceramic topcoats, high-Taber sealers, armor coat, UV oil, hydro primers, dual-cure putty and fillers and sealers. Additionally, custom color matching is available in specialized Sherwin-Williams facilities. For more information, visit

Fujifilm Showcases Water-Soluble Monomers and Photoinitiator

Fujifilm Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., Greenwood, South Carolina, expanded its product line for photographic imaging, printing and electronic materials with five new water-soluble acrylamide monomers and a photoinitiator. The new Fujifilm products include polyfunctional acrylamide monomers FFM-2, FFM-3, FFM-4 and FFM-5; monofunctional methacrylamide monomer FFM-21; and photoinitiator FFI-1, combining UV curability, water and hydrophilic solvent solubility, and stability across a wide pH range. Recent testing of the monomers and photoinitiator by manufacturers in industries producing medical devices, adhesives, optical films and coated films have shown improvements in key physical properties, including hardness, adhesion, durability, antistatic and flexibility of cured materials. For more information, visit

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