RadLaunch 2018: Connecting Technology Start-Ups to UV/EB Industry Leaders

Editor’s Note: The Innovations column is a recent addition to UV+EB Technology magazine and will feature impactful discoveries and technology evolutions that have the potential to significantly influence the industry. RadLaunch, a new effort from RadTech International North America, is featured in this issue’s column to expand the program’s reach. Future columns will feature selected RadLaunch applicants.

RadTech announces the formation of RadLaunch, a unique, technology accelerator that will support early-stage start-ups and small businesses as they drive advancements in clean, sustainable, efficient, and energy-saving, next-generation technologies, powered by UV/EB technology. The mission of RadLaunch is to connect technology start-ups to UV/EB industry leaders.

The fast emergence of innovative materials, additive manufacturing/3D printing and the use of new tools such as UV-LEDs and inkjet, are accelerating the use of UV/EB as replacements for harsh industrial processes and chemicals, and as a way to eliminate waste. Several start-ups are already seeing the benefits of using UV/EB technology, and RadTech is working to support their efforts to lead the future of manufacturing.

RadLaunch applicants will be vetted and judged by Accelerator sponsors, including Chris Seubert, Ford Motor Company; Hui Yang, Procter & Gamble; and Mike Idacavage, Colorado Photopolymer Solutions. “Innovative start-up companies may face challenges in making the best use UV/EB,” said Mike Idacavage, Colorado Photopolymer Solutions and board member of RadTech. “RadTech has identified these potential hurdles and is working to help remove barriers. As part of this effort, in addition to supporting funds, RadTech will offer something potentially more valuable to a start-up – mentoring and networking to help foster start-up success, especially in the early stages of growth.”

Organizational members of RadTech are encouoraged to offer support to the new program by signing on as sponsors. RadLaunch sponsors receive industry recognition and an opportunity to serve on the selection committee, among other benefits.

What ideas qualify?

  • New materials, optics, design, printing, packaging, 3D printing, inkjet, building products, plastics, medical, electronics and more.

Who are the applicants?

  • RadLaunch 2018 is for students, start-ups and anyone with innovative new ideas for UV/EB technology. Evidence of an early prototype, minimal viable product or proof of concept is expected.

What will the selected applicant receive?

  • Cash – at least $1,500 per selected applicant
  • An additional travel grant up to $1,500 to attend RadTech 2018 in Chicago
  • Free exhibit space at RadTech 2018 in the RadLaunch Pavillion
  • Recognition at the RadTech 2018 Awards Banquet, plus a writeup in UV+EB Technology magazine

What are the responsibilities of the applicant?

  • Develop a video and/or article presenting the concept and prototype work, highlighting the importance of UV/EB technology
  • Attend and present at RadTech 2018 in Chicago (support is provided); attend RadLaunch events

To learn more, visit www.radlaunch18.org.