EIT Warns of Counterfeit Units from China

Electronic Instrumentation and Technology LLC (EIT), Leesburg, Virginia, a provider of electronic manufacturing and engineering services, has announced that counterfeiting of EIT’s UviCure Plus® II and Power Puck® II instruments has been confirmed in China. EIT is pursing all legal remedies to stop the counterfeiting and unauthorized use of EIT’s registered trademarks.

Counterfeit units or units suspected of being counterfeit should be immediately removed from service. Electronic Instrumentation and Technology LLC cannot guarantee the performance of counterfeit units and is not responsible for results and products manufactured with them.

EIT instruments are critical to the manufacturing, quality assurance and safety of UV cured products in all types of applications. From a functional, reliability and performance standpoint, the counterfeit units are inferior to a genuine EIT unit.

Examination of the counterfeit units showed extreme quality differences:

  • Physically: The counterfeit housing “looks” similar but the anodized coating used will not withstand repeated UV exposures.
  • Optically: The optics in the units examined are old, recycled and/or damaged.
  • Electronically: The quality of the components, printed circuit board and workmanship including the solder and solder joints are not up to accepted industry standards.
  • Calibration: The units were not calibrated using EIT’s proprietary standards and calibration processes.

Contact EIT at uv@eit.com regarding a suspected counterfeit unit. EIT needs clear high-resolution images, unit type, serial number, price, date, place of purchase and delivery information to determine if the unit is genuine or counterfeit.

For more information, visit www.eit.com, contact Jim Raymont at jraymont@eit.com or 703.925.1830.