GEW Rolls Out New Website

GEW (EC) Limited, Crawley, West Sussex, UK, a manufacturer of Arc and UV LED curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications, has announced the rollout of a new website. On Sept 15, the company published the first stage of its new website’s rollout, with the English language version being the first building block.

Over the coming months, the company will be rolling out a number of other language versions of this website, with an aim to offer a better user experience for all customers, whatever their primary language.

The new site has a number of key elements that will benefit customers:

  • A clearer structure to product pages, separating them by curing method such as UV LED, traditional UV and Excimer products.
  • An outline of the key application categories, with each main application category having further sub-applications, which then link to the most suitable product for that sub-application. GEW believes this will help customers find the right product for their application.
  • A new service and spares section for requesting help or ordering spare parts.
  • A knowledge center, which is key to helping customers understand the company‚Äôs offerings, through case studies and technical papers from in-house experts.
  • A news section and an “about us” section, so customers can keep up to date with all the latest GEW news.

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