Wikoff Digital 3D Printing Dispersions Help Add Color to Finished Products

The team of specialists at ink and coating manufacturer Wikoff Digital, Fort Mill, South Carolina, has formulated a new set of color dispersions for 3D printing resins. As 3D printing moves from a prototyping mechanism to a viable production method, the expectations of the finished products have shifted. During prototyping, color didn’t matter, but it is crucial to full-scale production. Printers now can design and create in full color with the help of Wikoff Digital colorants.

To suit the needs of this growing market, Wikoff Digital has developed color dispersions for 3D printing resins used in SLA, DLP and inkjet technologies. These resins are typically formulated and manufactured by the 3D printer manufacturers, each with their own unique characteristics, making stable dispersion formulations critical to success.

“Our history as a trusted ink and coating manufacturer gives us the experience and capabilities needed to be a reliable toll manufacturer,” said Warren Catchpole, market manager for Wikoff Digital. “We understand how critical it is for our materials to remain non-reactive with the materials that each specific manufacturer is using.”

For a full list of 3D dispersion colors or to request a specialty color match, visit www.wikoff.com.