Kopp Glass Works to Advance UV Light Sterilization and Disinfection for COVID-19 Applications

Working to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Kopp Glass, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a manufacturer of high-performance glass, is supporting industries utilizing ultraviolet (UV) light for sterilization and disinfection. Kopp’s specialized 9530 UV glass composition is a proprietary glass formulation that offers high transmission across the UV and visible spectrum, including UV-B and UV-C regions used in sterilization and disinfection applications. This moldable material can be easily designed and supplied as custom cover lenses and optics to enhance UV lighting systems using either traditional (mercury vapor) or solid-state (UV LED) light sources.

The benefits of Kopp’s 9530 UV:

  • 9530 UV offers high transmission across UV and visible regions, including deeper UV-B and UV-C wavelengths. New UV-B and UV-C lighting products are being developed to help neutralize COVID-19 and support future infectious disease control. Unlike many polymer materials, Kopp’s 9530 UV Glass is engineered for resistance to impact, abrasive conditions, heat cycling, exposure to chemicals and degradation from UV radiation exposure. Superior durability in operating environments ensures optimal performance and longevity of the lighting fixture.
  • Other UV-stable materials, such as quartz, are expensive and limited in supply format due to how they are manufactured. Kopp’s 9530 UV glass is moldable into complex geometrics and pressed patterns which allows for optimized optical and cover glass designs that are custom engineered to enhance the performance of the lighting systems.
  • Kopp’s fully integrated manufacturing facility, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, includes a robust team of engineers who collaborate closely with lighting designers and engineers to support rapid development, prototyping and production scale-up of innovative new products. In addition to sterilization and disinfection applications, Kopp also supports other industries utilizing UV lighting technology including medical phototherapy, horticultural lighting and UV curing.

Kopp’s 9530 UV glass is a cost-effective, yet fully customizable, UV-transmissive material that enables innovation and ensures lighting fixtures are efficient, aesthetically pleasing and engineered for permanence and maintaining performance.

For more information, visit www.koppglass.com.