Paxis and Sartomer Develop Advanced Materials for Additive Manufacturing Process

Sartomer, Exton, Pennsylvania, a maker of advanced photocurable resin solutions, and Paxis, Crystal Lake, Illinois, a 3D printing innovator, are co-developing custom materials for Paxis’ WAV™ (Wave Applied Voxel) additive manufacturing process technology.

The WAV™ process is a new, scalable industrial additive manufacturing process designed to solve the limitations of existing liquid-resin-based technologies. The patented WAV technology enables scalability in size and speed, significant reduction in post-processing requirements, multiple material production, exotic material management, lower operating costs, elimination of a large vat during large-part production and the ability for embedded components.

Sartomer will work with Paxis to develop a library of new custom materials tailored to work with the WAV technology and solve application-specific needs. Paxis and Sartomer also look to identify new market opportunities.

Part of the 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema platform, the UV-curable liquid resins in Sartomer’s N3XTDIMENSION® product portfolio are specifically designed to promote high-performance and tailored characteristics of 3D-printed products.

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