Phoseon a Finalist at Label Industry Global Awards

Phoseon Technology, Hillsboro, Oregon, a provider of LED-based solutions, was named a finalist for Environmental and Sustainability at the Label Industry Global Awards for its UV LED curing technology. This award is for a specific sustainable product or process introduced by a converter or supplier company in the label industry. Phoseon Technology has been in LED curing for more than 18 years.

To choose a winner, judges will be looking for a company that has introduced a specific product or process, has maintained the most sustainable and environmentally-acceptable working practices in their purchasing and manufacturing operations, and can demonstrate key materials, production and performance or consumer benefits.

The environmental benefits of UV LED curing are numerous and significant. Phoseon customers have experienced energy savings of 75-85% with the implementation of UV LED curing systems. With traditional UV curing processes, the tremendous heat associated with mercury UV lamps required a lot of electricity to operate. The mercury lamps produce ozone which is dangerous to breathe, especially in a constricted space like a print shop. Air exhaust systems are required to extract the toxic fumes from the presses. These exhaust systems can be eliminated with UV LED curing, making it a far more environmentally-friendly process.

The Label Industry Global Awards celebrate innovation and excellence. They are the label and package printing industry’s highest accolades. There will be a special video announcement on Sept. 15, where the winners will be revealed.

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