ASTM International Signs Memorandum of Understanding

ASTM International, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and Mexico’s national standards body, Dirrección General de Normas (DGN), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on October 29. DGN, part of Mexico’s Ministry of Economy, coordinates the development of standards and regulations and promotes standardization use in Mexico.

Kathie Morgan, president, ASTM International, and Alfonso Guati Rojo Sánchez, general director of standards in Mexico’s Ministry of Economy, signed the MoU.

The new MoU serves as a cooperation agreement allowing ASTM to continue this ongoing outreach to Mexico, which remains focused on:

  • Enhancing communications to build government and industry awareness of ASTM International as a trusted technical source of information that supports public health and safety, consumer confidence, trade and the overall quality of life
  • Inviting Mexican stakeholder participation in the development of ASTM standards to share knowledge and exchange best practices to ensure that ASTM standards meet and support Mexico’s local and global needs, ranging from governments to industries to the people of Mexico
  • Encouraging collaboration on topics and issues of mutual interest
  • Promoting standards education and related ASTM activities for students and professors.

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