SGP Partnership Announces November 17 as Virtual Community Day 2020

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), a certification organization promoting sustainability in all printing processes, has announced that the virtual 2020 SGP Community Day will take place on November 17. The community event provides insight into sustainability and shares best practices of SGP certified facilities, patrons, brand leaders and resource partners who support the sustainable print supply chain.

SGP Community Day is the non-profit`s sustainability conference for thought leaders in the printing industry. The event brings together printers, suppliers and Fortune 500 brands to advance the industry’s sustainability performance. Through focused presentations and networking opportunities, the event creates a community of practice that allows participants to connect, learn and build a new future together. The SGP Community Day theme aligns with the community mission: Leading Sustainability for the Printing Industry.

SGP Community Day 2020 is open to SGP community members. To register, visit To become a member of the SGP community, visit