Excelitas Technologies Introduces Next Generation Curing System

Excelitas Technologies Corp., Waltham, Massachusetts, has launched its new spot UV curing system, the OmniCureS2000 Elite. The new S2000 Elite works in the assembly of medical devices, electronics, optical components and automotive products, and although it maintains the same curing performance as the original OmniCure S2000, it also adds a new toolset to improve productivity, usability and security.

It features proprietary OmniCure Closed-Loop Feedback control technology and a new high-speed shutter with 30 ms response time that ensures the precise dose for any application every time. Excelitas’ Intelli-Lamp® technology maximizes lamp life while maintaining hours of use and providing an estimated effective lamp service-life based on the system’s parameters. The S2000 Elite has a high-resolution 4.3” diagonal LCD touchscreen with wide-angle viewing of enhanced navigation and key system parameters and settings. The new curing system features field-interchangeable lamps and optical band pass filters. An enhanced, encrypted Intelli-Lamp® ensures the most reliable and consistent cure.

For more information, visit www.excelitas.com.