Saint Clair Systems Expands to India

Based in Washington, Michigan, Saint Clair Systems, Inc., has announced a new company formation in Kolhapur/Maharashtra, India. Widely recognized for their expertise in manufacturing equipment designed to control liquid viscosity and temperature, St. Clair Systems India Private Limited now will provide cost-effective equipment delivery to that region. It also will support shorter lead times, reduce costs and improve service response proficiency to companies throughout the Asia-Pacific market. Majority-owned by Saint Clair Systems, Inc., the new subsidiary will be managed by shareholder partners Pratap Puranik and Ravi Mahadeokar.

Robert Gladstone, the president of Saint Clair Systems, Inc., said: “We are thrilled to announce this long-overdue expansion. The Asia-Pacific market is teeming with potential. Our success will benefit our customers in the region, our employees, shareholders and our thriving company as a whole.”

Saint Clair Systems works to control the viscosity and temperature of fluids in manufacturing processes. Reducing harmful VOCs while minimizing material and solvent usage and paint, sealer and ink use, the company focuses on a more applicable automated dispensing method. Decreasing dispensing defects related to paint viscosity, for instance, Saint Clair’s proprietary equipment controls paint temperature at the point of application. This process creates harmonized paint color as it is applied. Particularly useful in the automobile industry, the company supplies equipment to manufacturers and their suppliers to effectively control paints, sealants and adhesives.

Other industries that benefit from Saint Clair Systems, Inc., and St. Clair Systems India Private Limited’s insight are the food and beverage and coil coating industries. For foods and beverages, the company’s equipment is used for the inks applied to cans and the coating within them. In the coil coating industry, also known as prepainted metals, similar technology is applied.

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