Gigahertz-Optik Adds Function to BTS2048-VL Spectroradiometer

Gigahertz-Optik’s, Amesbury, Massachusetts, BTS2048-VL is a fast high resolution spectral light and color meter for on-line production applications. It features a fast response time over a wide dynamic range using three processors and electronic shutter plus input and output triggers for synchronized LED binning applications. Provides complete photometric, scotopic, colorimetric and radiometric spectral data.

By making use of the BTS2048-VL fast sampling electronics, the internal fast BiTec Sensor photodiode is sampled at a rate up to 40 kH, calculation of all relevant flicker measurands is possible:

  • Percent Flicker (IEEE Std 1789-2015, IES: RP-16-10, CIE:TN-006, CIE:TN-012)
  • Flicker Index (IEEE Std 1789-2015, IES: RP-16-10, CIE:TN-006, CIE:TN-012)
  • FFT Frequency component analysis
  • Pst Short term flicker severity (CIE:TN-006, CIE:TN-012, IEC TR 61547)
  • Stroboscopic Visibility Measure, SVM (CIE:TN-006, CIE:TN-012, IEC TR 63158)
  • Mp ASSIST Flicker perception metric
  • Joint Appendix JA10.

The main BTS2048-VL features and functions include:

  • Diode array with an electronic shutter for measurement times between 2µs and 4s
  • Fast data read out – 7 ms for a complete data record via LAN interface
  • Accurate measurement results in photometric, radiometric and colorimetric quantities
  • 2 nm optical bandwidth for a high spectral resolution
  • 280 to 1050 nm wide spectral range
  • Four position integrated filter wheel (open/closed/OD1/OD2)
  • Multiple trigger inputs and output options for timed synchronization
  • Calibration stability due to diffuser window instead of flexible light guide input
  • Cosine corrected response with f2 <3% for minimum spatial error
  • Compact and sturdy design for flexible system implementation
  • Software development kit for easy software implementation
  • Powerful user software for fully automated control and data analysis
  • Excellent cost benefit ratio.

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