Gigahertz-Optik Launches P-21 Radiometer/Photometer

Gigahertz-Optik’s hand-held P-21 radiometer/photometer now features a large color touchscreen display with three user buttons.

The P-21 is capable of measuring average pulse energy (joules, J/cm², lux-seconds, effective candela) of single and multiple burst pulsed events >1 microsecond in length. Stepped auto-ranging allows the user to zoom in on the correct gain level with the last setting stored for future use.

All essential detector data is stored in the detector’s data coupler so any number of sensors with associated components like optical filters, integrating spheres and other input devices can be interchanged on the optometer for system setup. A wide range of UV-Vis-NIR detectors is available specifically configured for light measurement applications like medical flash heads, strobe light warning signals or pulsed Xenon sources used in UV curing and UV processes.

Each meter is supplied with a traceable calibration certificate from the ISO-17025 accredited Gigahertz-Optik optical radiation calibration laboratory.

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