ParaMatters Joins Carbon Platform

Carbon, Redwood City, California, has acquired ParaMatters, a SaaS-based company offering software for design and production via 3D printing across metal, polymer and other materials and production systems. With the addition of ParaMatters, Carbon is expanding the capabilities of its idea-to-production platform with more robust design software and production optimization tools for additive manufacturing.

ParaMatters software opens new capabilities in generative design for additive manufacturing, including:

  • Designing advanced geometries – Topology-optimized 3D printable designs to meet performance criteria
  • Pre-print simulation – Digitally simulate the performance of parts before printing to ensure performance
  • Post-print simulation – Evaluate CT scans of printed parts to identify manufacturing deviations from your original design and understand the potential performance impacts
  • Part consolidation – Combine assemblies of multiple parts into a single part to improve performance
  • Comparative evaluation – Understand the potential advantages and trade-offs of different materials and geometries on factors such as cost, weight and other desired performance requirements

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