Sustainable UV Inks Added to Xeikon’s Panther Series

Panther Technology, introduced in 2017, is based on UV inkjet and is focused on labels across industries such as chemical, durable, cosmetic and premium beer labels. All these applications benefit from certain durability such as scratch, scuff, and rub resistance and a glossy tactile look and feel.

UV inks tackle all these requirements, and Xeikon (a division of Fling Group, Luxembourg, Germany) has announced its PantherCure LED series, a new family of inks for use with Panther technology.

The PantherCure LED inks come with new waveforms, software and optimized screening. These deliver a long list of benefits, including a wider application range for heat-sensitive substrates; a broader color gamut; increased image quality and longer lamp life.

The new inks are available on newly manufactured Xeikon PX3300 and Xeikon PX2200 as of October 2022, and current customers of prior models will be eligible for field upgrades in 2023.

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