Roberts to Lead Senior Management Team at Integration Technology

Integration Technology Ltd, an Oxfordshire, UK-based UV curing solution provider and part of the IST METZ Group, has welcomed Managing Director Simon Roberts to the senior management team.

Roberts, who has been with the business since May, was formally appointed to the board on Aug. 1 and has joined the team to take on day-to-day operational responsibility of managing Integration Technology. He will be working alongside Adrian Lockwood, who with 45 years’ experience in the UV industry, remains in the role of chief executive, working as both an internal consultant in addition to high level strategic planning for Integration Technology and supporting the IST Group.

Roberts is a highly experienced business leader, formerly managing director of Antonov Automotive Ltd; head of business development and strategy for Tata Motors UK; and head of product group and business development for Ricardo UK Ltd. He is knowledgeable in technical consultancy services, software, engineered products and capital equipment, new product development and the commercialization of engineered products.

Company founder Lockwood noted, “It was a positive decision to appoint someone from outside of the digital or UV industry to this post, and Simon brings fresh thinking and leadership skills to assure the next stage in our growth.”

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