Advances in Resin Technology Allows for 3D Moldable Wood Fiberboards

BASF Corporation, Charlotte, North Carolina, has introduced acForm®, a new thermoformable resin that provides post-moldability and surface structuring, allowing manufacturing and designers to create intricate designs in vastly shorter timeframes.

Instead of using a router, acForm allows manufacturers to imprint intricate and complex designs in one-tenth of the time on 3D moldable fiberboards (3MF) made with acForm using standard furniture molders’ equipment. The specific binder-fiber composition allows all three special axes to be formed at the same time, letting molders create sophisticated, highly structured or curved components in short molding cycle times.

acForm has no added formaldehyde, therefore providing a safer product. BASF offers the possibility of producing acForm based on the biomass balance approach, offsetting 100% of the fossil fuel based on raw material with bio-based raw material.

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