While work on the first issue of 2023 is well underway, we paused to see which UV+EB Technology articles from 2022 caught the eyes of our readers. The following stories were the top reads from 2022 for visitors to the website.

1. Mighty Buildings’ 3D-Printed Sustainable Homes

Oakland, California-based construction company Mighty Buildings is a cutting-edge builder using 3D printing, robotics and automation to create stylish, affordable and sustainable factory-built homes. The company’s custom-designed 3D printer extrudes a proprietary thermoset composite, which hardens into a lightweight but stone-like material when cured with UV.

2. Wilson Utilizes 3D Printing to Manufacture Pickleball Paddle of the Future

Wilson tapped technology by Azul 3D to create a better pickleball paddle for its customers. To push the bounds of manufacturing with 3D printing, the partnership utilized Azul 3D’s proprietary High Area Rapid Printing (HARPTM) technology.

3. Advantages of LED Cationic Cure Cycloaliphatic Epoxy

Cationic UV LED cured systems are expanding into a broader array of coatings, composites, adhesives and ink applications where traditional thermoset resin systems such as amine-cured epoxy, urethanes, polyesters and vinyl esters have dominated.

4. Formulation Insights for Excimer Lamp Curing to Achieve Well-Balanced Film Properties

From an application perspective, the following report features guidance for the formulation of acrylate-based systems cured with excimer lamps. This work captures specific information helpful for attaining low gloss in UV-curable formulations, including oligomer, monomer and photoinitiator choices; cure speed; film thickness; oxygen level and additives – all of which influence final film properties.

5. Quick-Cure UV Putty for Wood Flooring

Dual-cure UV putty formulations can be used to give good through cure for self-leveling putty on thin veneer surfaces of engineered wood, and troughable UV putty compositions can be prepared by the addition of inorganic materials to the base composition.